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August 2021

Use these cryptocurrency sign-up bonuses to earn free money or Bitcoin when opening new accounts.
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Finding active and valid crypto exchange signup deals can be a frustrating and time consuming process.  We've done the work and compiled a list of active signup promos that's updated regularly with the newest and most competitive deals.

Celsius - $40 Free Bitcoin

Webull - 2 Free Stocks

Passfolio - Free Stocks

Top August 2021 Crypto Signup Bonuses

How can I get the most out of these promotions?

Many of these deals only require you to make an initial deposit or trade.  In most cases, you will instantly see the bonus credited to your account.  This allows you to easily take advantage of different promotions with the same initial deposit.  For example, you can trade $100 on eToro, receive a $50 bonus, then withdraw $150 and use that towards a different exchange's signup deal.  Because you receive your bonus instantly, you can easily move your money around to take advantage of all of these new user signup deals.

Top August 2021 Crypto Signup Bonuses


BlockFi - $10 Free Bitcoin

Celsius network logo
webull logo

Bitrue - Free XRP Coins

eToro - $50 Free Cash logo - $10 Free Bitcoin

Robinhood - Free Stock


Coinbase - $10 Free Bitcoin

Binance Logo

Binance.US - NA

gemini logo

Gemini - $10 Free Bitcoin


Voyager - $10 Free Bitcoin


Why do crypto wallets give bonuses to new users?

You may be wondering if this sounds too good to be true.  Why are different cryptocurrency exchanges willing to give free money or bitcoin out to new users who join their platform? These companies are aggressively fighting for market share within the crypto market and they are all competing with one another to be the biggest and most well known crypto exchange.  It's estimated that only 5% of people actively invest or trade in cryptocurrency, these companies are desperate for your business and are willing to pay you handsomely to use their platform. This is great for new investors as you can quickly add to your portfolio value by taking advantage of current signup promotions.


Coinbase bonus

$120 Free Altcoins


Learn and Earn - New and current users eligible

Coinbase will pay you to learn about new cryptocurrencies on their platform.  Complete each 1 minute lesson and free crypto is deposited to your Coinbase account instantly!  New lessons and coins are constantly added so be sure to check back often.

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eToro bonus

$50 Cash Welcome Bonus


Get $50 cash after making $100 trade

To qualify, you need to be a new eToro customer, verify your account within six months from the date of registration and complete a trade of $100 or more.

Only 76 left!

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